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Older images are removed from time to time to make room for the new ones. ... and don't forget to click on "read more" to see all the images. ,,, Then, after you have clicked on the image, right click on it to see if it will get any larger to get the full size possible.


These were supposed to be PNG files, but it seems that blogger converted them to JPEG.  So they are no longer transparent - Sorry!

CRAZY PAVE #1 - DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK FRAMES - With black lines and colored tile patterns. There are over 400 of these in the collection. Saved as PNG files with transparency for digital scrapbooking.You can also use these for your cards, and other paper crafts such as decoupage.
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  1. NurseKrys3:07 PM

    I love your designs, however i am having a really hard time finding where to get the png files. All of your images are jpg. I cant even find where to purchase just the digital png files from any of the store links.



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