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How to decorate your own greeting cards

For this card I used some plain coloured paper in two matching solid colours to make the band across the bottom of the card (above the lettering). I then added a border which I made with prints from a seamless tile. I used three of these print to go all the way
across the card. I then added the cross print and some punches which I made from scrapbs of coloured paper. I also cut thin strips of coloured paper and glued them around the edge of the card to make a border.

I like using spray on adhesive for gluing down the larger prints, but for small cutouts like the punched dots, I use a glue stick or any other glue I have on hand.

You can find similar prints to those used in this card on the daily freebies slide. If you cannot find any you like today, keep checking the slide daily because I change the prints every day.

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