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My Copyright Rules

All graphics on this website copyright Jean Hall
MY COPYRIGHT RULES GENERAL RULE... "If you did not create it, it is not yours to copy and re-sell."
The graphics that you purchase on my CD's or any free downloads from any of my websites, are for your personal use only and may not be shared with others by any means, either via email, the internet or by hard copy prints of any kind. You may print and even photocopy these imates as many times as you like but only under the following conditions.

YOU MAY USE ANY OF MY CRAFT PRINTS FOR THE FOLLOWING: 1. For your personal home decorating or to create your own home decorating craft projects for friends or for sale.. 2. For any of your personal arts and crafts. 3. For making arts and crafts items for fund raising for schools and charities. 4 For decoupage, paper tole, screen printing on T-shirts, or other fabric articles. 5. For making cross stitch patterns, hand made greeting cards, or any other type of craft project provided they are not used on MASS PRODUCED or FACTORY PRODUCED items. (Items produced in amounts over 100) 5. You may use my graphics as framed prints for your personal home decorating only.

WHAT YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO DO: 1. You may not give away or distribute any prints, photo copies, or digital copies of any of my files, nor may they be sold for profit. 2. You may not add any of my artwork files to any website graphics or clip art collection; online greeting card collection, you may not include them in any type of craft kit as a print, nor include them in any type of online graphics collection that I may or may not know exists, either free or for sale. 3. The files may not be added to any CD collection that is then sold or shared. 4. To put it simply ... You may not sell my graphic files and you may not give away my graphic files. 5. You may not print my graphics and then sell the prints or include the prints in a kit or package. Please Note: While I realise that most people are honest and know right from wrong, some may not understand copyright rules and a few may actually be dishonest. Those who insist on violating copyrights are a problem for all creative people on the internet. The files that I share with my fellow crafters and internet friends are the result of many hours or in some cases, even years of hard work so please understand why I am protective of them.

PIRATES BEWARE!! As huge as it is, the internet and the world in general is a small place. In the past, the way I found out when someone was using my work illegally was by people reporting it. If you do it I will give you one warning, and if you do not comply immediately there will be legal repercussions, and possibly social embarrassment.

REMEMBER... "If you did not create it, it is not yours to copy and re-sell." Jean Hall.


  1. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Our local chapter of EGA is hosting the incoming national president for a series of beading classes this weekend. I would like to use some of your bead clipart on the namecards only. Your clipart is beautiful and would lend a great touch to the namecards which will be placed at each person's seat. We will not be using or selling any of your clipart nor using any advertising with this clipart. If necessary, I can print an acknowledgement to you on the namecards. Please let me know your thoughts on this. We do not intend to take advantage of you in any manner. Thanks for providing such beautiful work.

  2. You are welcome to use my bead clipart for your namecards.

  3. Hi Jean, Your artwork is beautiful. My family is putting together an advent devotional based on Christmas carols written by my late father. We would like to use some of your art (from set #003) for clipart on the pages. May we do this? Would you be able to tell us how to best give you credit and identify your copyright? Thanks!



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